Graduate Students

Are you interested in a career as a future faculty member? Take advantage of any of the CIRTL@TAMU career development programs to gain valuable experience and even certificates in teaching.

  • Engage is a semester long learning community (held in the Fall and Spring)
  • Participate in weekly professional development workshops about college teaching
  • Observe faculty teaching
  • Create a curriculum vitae (CV) and statement of teaching philosophy for your portfolio
  • Earn a certificate and attend the annual AFF Fellows award ceremony
  • For more information visit
  • Conduct an experiment in teaching methods in a real classroom project in collaboration with a faculty mentor in your discipline
  • In this year long program, students design, implement, assess and report on innovative teaching methods tested in a STEM classroom here at Texas A&M.
  • Fellows receive a stipend of either $300 (Level 1 projects) or $750 (Level 2 projects). Fellows engaging in a Level 2 project are expected to disseminate their findings in a poster session and/or via publication in a journal. 
  • To apply for this program see information and application form here. Download the Faculty Mentor Contract here. For questions, contact Dr. Ra'sheedah Richardson at
  • Due date for applications is Friday, May 3, 2019.
  • Engage in active-learning techniques discussing topics such as teaching methods, assessment, and classroom management strategies
  • Design and conduct, with the guidance of a faculty mentor, a teaching session
  • Receive valuable feedback on your teaching
  • Develop a statement of teaching philosophy and course syllabus
  • Create an electronic teaching portfolio
  • Earn 1 credit hour
  • For more information visit