CIRTL@TAMU enables faculty to reach their career goals.

  • CIRTL online and on-campus resources on teaching and mentoring help faculty achieve better results in the classroom with less effort.
  • CIRTL network resources and/or local programs available to your trainees can be leveraged to enhance your proposals.
  • CIRTL provides networking opportunities with faculty across the nation interested in bringing inquiry-based learning into the undergraduate classroom.
  • TAMU faculty and future faculty can engage in local CIRTL programs as workshop facilitators, speakers, and faculty mentors.

Directing your students and post-doctoral fellows to CIRTL@TAMU can effectively supplement your individual mentoring efforts:

  • CIRTL @ TAMU provides on-campus resources for diverse STEM audiences, including graduate students, post-docs, and junior faculty.
  • CIRTL national network provides online courses, workshops and “coffee hours” for diverse learning opportunities about STEM teaching and career issues.

CIRTL can help your current and future STEM faculty prepare to be more efficient, effective teachers!

For more information on local CIRTL@TAMU activities visit the Graduate Student page, the Postdoctoral Fellows page, or the Contact Us page.